Rock and Blues Camp Scholarship Fund

This past September we lost one of our finest teachers, Dustin “Big Red” Sargent. His loss has been deeply felt by campers and staff alike. He was a great blues bass player and a thoughtful and talented teacher. Red’s dedication to the kids and to the camp were well known. Therefore we have established the Dustin Sargent Scholarship Fund at Atlanta Rock ‘n Blues Camp so that interested parents, musicians and community members can show their support and appreciation for the musical experiences the camp offers to talented teens. We encourage all who love music and want to help train young people to carry on the traditions of the blues and rock ‘n roll to help us by donating to this scholarship fund.

Although our camp does not have non-profit status and cannot offer you a tax deduction, we are always in need of assistance for deserving young musicians who want to come to our camp and learn, but who cannot afford the fee

Every camper pays something towards camp but not all families can pay the full cost. We accept any amount, and will send you the name of the camper who receives your gift. You may remain anonymous or identify yourself to the camper and come to the closing show of that young musician's week.

Please show your support for the training of young musicians at Rock 'N Blues Camp. Thank you.

You may donate any amount at