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Videos from campers, staff and parents below.

Jack Gindi backs up Kevin FrazerEach camp session begins on a Monday. Campers are grouped into bands, based upon skill level, the wishes of friends to play together, and the type of music each person enjoys. The faculty helps the bands choose the four songs they wish to perform on Friday. We build up to five bands per session, and the available slots for each session will be posted on the registration page, just above the registration form.

Established bands will have a pre-camp meeting with the faculty to determine the scope of work they wish to accomplish. Sometimes this means helping them prepare for studio recording. Often they wish assistance in writing or polishing original songs. Often they wish to stretch outside of their “comfort zone.”

Drum instructor Eskil WetterqvistThe days are set up for practice, with faculty rotating between the various bands. Campers needing extra individual time are helped in one-on-one sessions. On Monday afternoon each band plays their first song on stage. Every afternoon the bands get up and play what they have. This is what helps them get ready for Friday.

By Wednesday the campers are rocking along, gaining confidence, having fun with each other, and generally becoming more comfortable with their bandmates and their set. Laughter permeates the practice rooms and the stage.

On Thursday evening the bands and parents gather to give a partial performance of their Friday set to an overwhelmingly supportive audience. This is the key to a relaxed and confident performance the following night. The skill sets of working with others, compromising, and mutual support all go together to make Friday night what it is, and the faculty stress those skills throughout the week.

The undisputed highlight of camp is the Friday evening concert. Each concert has been memorable, and the enthusiasm and excitement from the audience always surprises and delights the bands, who play an inspired program.

Below listen to what staff, parents and campers have to say about the ARBC experience.


Ben, Camper, Drums

Ben and Finn, Campers, Guitar

Riana, Former camper, Vocals

Levi, Camper, Drums


Kevin, Sax and Guitar staff, former camper

Richie, Drums staff

Mike Cady, Bass staff, and Rehearse Live owner

Lee, Staff, former camper